Wednesday, 24 October 2012


 DOOMZ BY LADY PRINCESSIMPORT FROM KOREAPRICE : RM35 (10 CAPSULE) / RM80 (30 CAPSULE)DOOMZ by Lady princess whitening active imported from Korea.Supplements. Imports from Korea. Tightening the vagina, amniotic fluid is a bad firm breasts. There have side effects see your skin glow up to 6 times faster than the speed of the active formula to increase sex appeal toned skin white, odorless vaginal discharge driver amniotic fluid solution.Across the skin, white skin firm breasts. Add breast to look attractive. The slackening of the abdomen. Menstruation was normal. Antioxidants. The loss of hair fallen out of the bright white skin, freckles and dark spots and improve life for women. Then the girl was at hand.In 1 tablet contains:.Glutathione, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Tripala, Berry Mix, Collagen Phytoestrogen (plant), placenta Extract, extracts of ginseng / Ginkgo.Are: 1 cap per day, two times (after a meal or on an empty stomach) should be 1-2 per month.**************************************** KHASIAT DOOMZ:~membesarkan payudara yg kecil~memejalkan dan menegangkan payudara yg kendur~mencantikkan kulit~mencerahkan kulit gelap pada bahagian nippleEACH CAPSULE CONTAINS:phytoestrogen 100mgglutathione 1000mgacai berry extract 200mgcranberry extract 100mgbillberry extract 100mgcollagen 200mgvitamin c 200mgvitamin e 50mgtripla 100mgGUNAKAN TANPA RAGU2PENGESAHAN HALAL OLEH MUSLIM OF COUNCIL THAILAND


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